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This community is a space for fannish Jews and Jewish allies to discuss and share our experiences, both online and in real life. This includes things such as discussion of Jewish characters in books, shows and movies; discussion of how Jews are portrayed in the media; discussion of our favorite holidays or foods; discussion about conversion, child raising, weddings, cooking and other life events; discussion about the antisemitism we see in fandom and in the world, etc. Because we are Jews, we’re sure there will be a lot of discussion.

Pretty much all topics are welcome, with a few exceptions:

- For the moment, we are limiting discussion of Israel to Israeli culture and religion, and excluding Israeli politics or policies. For example, posts such as, "When you visited Israel, did you feel more or less at home?" are allowed, while posts such as, "Did you see what those wacky settlers did last week? Let's discuss!" are currently not.

Obviously there's a lot of rich discussion ground when it comes to Israel, but there's also a lot of potential unpleasantness waiting to happen, which is antithetical to the community as a safe space. If, however, people wish to post links to places on the web where there are conversations occurring about Israel, they should feel free to do so, but please disable comments on the link post to the community.

- Second, and we really can’t stress this enough, there will be *no attacks or judging of other people’s Jewish choices*. Some of us are Orthodox; some are Reform; some are culturally Jewish and religiously Pagan. Some of us were born Jewish and some converted. Some of us are half-Jewish or a quarter-Jewish. Some of us keep Shabbat and some of us eat bacon on our bagels. Respect is very much going to be the watchword here. As Jews, we're all very used to disagreeing left and right with each other, but we'd like to hope that we've all been raised to respect the choices of others, just as we'd like them to respect our own. If you can’t agree that all Jews have the right to define their own Judaism, this isn’t the place for you.


Membership is open to anybody who is pro-Jewish. For purposes of this community, we’re defining pro-Jewish as anyone who self-identifies as Jewish or anyone who just thinks Jews are pretty darn cool.

It’s a big world out there in livejournal, and despite the rumors, we don’t actually know who all of the Jews and Jewish allies are. If you apply for membership and we don’t know who you are, we’ll be checking out your journal and possibly emailing you for more information (you can also feel free to email us first at our username@livejournal.com, but please don’t start leaving random comments in our journals, and don’t even *think* about IMing us. If you do that, chances are we’re not going to let you into the community because we’ll be so annoyed with you). Don’t take it personally; we’re working our hardest to create a safe space for all of our members.

You're also more than welcome to watch without joining. You'll still be able to read and comment on all of the public posts, although only the members can see locked posts.

Rules and Guidelines

1. We would like to hope that “antisemitism will not be tolerated” could go without being said, but just in case, we’re saying it again. Antisemitism will not be tolerated in any way, shape, or form. Come in with outright antisemitism and you’ll be banned so fast you’ll leave skidmarks.

As an offshoot of that rule, we’re aware that sometimes people say insensitive things without realizing just what they’re saying. If you do so and you’re called on it and honestly apologize and change your behavior, that’s aces. If you continue your insensitive behavior, you’ll be banned. This is not the place to explain why the phrase, “Jewed somebody down” isn’t *actually* offensive. This is also really, *really* not the place to tell somebody they’re being oversensitive. Ever. And it is *really* not the place to *ever* play the tone card. Remember what we said about skidmarks?

2. And while we’re at it, *no* forms of racism, homophobia, sexism, etc. will be tolerated here. We don’t care if you don’t personally think “gypped” is an offensive term. We don’t care if somebody was mean to you first and so it’s okay to trash the entire group they belong to. The large majority of us here may be Jewish, but we’re also white, and this is not the place to start waving your white privilege around as a shield or a weapon. As with the antisemitism stuff above, if you do it accidentally or thoughtlessly the first time around and are willing to apologize and adjust your behavior, that’s great. If you refuse to listen or if there’s a clear pattern of behavior stretching over multiple posts, we will fast lose patience with the warnings and go to outright banning.

3. If you’re here because you’d like to learn more about Jews and Judaism, that’s wonderful, but it’s not our job to educate you, nor is this community an educational space. Our main suggestion is to *listen*. Then listen some more. And some more. And make sure you leave your agenda and privilege at the door. Don’t try to tell Jews just how things *really* are for them. Don’t explain why you’re right and they’re wrong. If a member of the community suggests that you might be missing something? It’s a pretty good bet you are. If multiple members say the same thing? We’d shoot those odds up to 100%. And if you’re here to educate us? That’s nice; please don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

4. This is a community for Jews and Jewish allies, but that in no way means you’ve got free rein to be a dumbass. Heated discussion is just fine (and to be expected, given the makeup of this community), but personal attacks will not be tolerated. Keep it up and you’ll be banned.

Don’t paste friendslocked posts into this community. Don’t repost the locked posts here somewhere else (seriously, do that even once and you’re banned; no warnings).

If you have any questions or problems, please feel more than free to email either of us at our livejournal address and we'll be happy to talk with you. As said above though, please keep it to the lj address and don't comment in our journals or ping us without our permission.